Medina Montessori School provides a fertile educational environment for children of today who will live in their world of tomorrow. As the children progress from year to year in this program, they will enjoy “learning how to learn” and use what they learn as they explore our wide world of knowledge.

Dr. Maria Montessori was the first woman physician of Italy. Her method and the structure of Montessori schools are based on her personal experience and attentive observation of the ways all children learn. It was through her philosophy of “follow the child”* that she found early childhood learning is mainly through experience—physical and sensorial. This prepares the older-child-to-be for social and intellectual learning that is relevant for success in today’s technological world.

MMS offers a two-observation procedure before enrolling a child in the school. It is best parents make a separate appointment, before bringing their child for a visit. This first visit allows for observation of all the aspects of the school and the program. The second visit is a relaxed approach. The child and parent become members of our class, joining the children for about an hour.